Thursday, May 20, 2010

Princess Kaiulani

I don't recommend this one.  The story of the last Hawaiian Princess was one worth telling and should be more widely known.  However, this version did the tale little justice--I'm a little hurt that the star was not Hawaiian or even Polynesian.  The acting was flat.  The characters lacked consistency, relateable motivations, and the concocted love story seemed just that.  Again, more people should know her story.  So click here to see what Wikipedia says about her (which I found to be more interesting than the movie), and save the $10--if it's even playing near you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2 (Charlie)

Yes! Finally!
I have been looking forward to a lot of movies this year and most of them have been a let down. NOT this movie!
Iron Man 2 takes place about a year after the last movie. That's all i am going to tell you about the story! So go see it tonight!
Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke join the cast as Iron Man's new villains. They kind of steal the show. Don Cheadle takes over the roll that Terrence Howard played in the first movie. I don't like when they do this with movies but i did not even notice it. Cheadle fit right in and did a great job as usual.
And... did you think i was going to do a review on Iron Man 2 and not mention Scarlett? What can i say... How about... Ryan Reynolds is a lucky man. She also did a great job and has a kick ass fight scene.

I really had a fun time and recommend Iron Man 2

Make sure you stay through the credits when you go see it!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Zone (Charlie)

I went to this movie because i was suppose to hang out with some friends and they bailed on me. I went to the movie theater and it was the only one playing close to when i was there.
I loved this movie. I think it is the best thing i have seen this year.
Matt Damon plays a Marine? I think. Anyway he is a part of a team that is trying to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
(i am not going to go into my political views. This is a movie. Fiction based on true events. If you want to talk politics sometime you can find me at the bar.)
Well Matt Damon's character does not find any WMDs and starts to question the information he is getting.
I think Damon did a great job. Also in the movie are some favorites of mine Jason Isaacs, Brendan Gleeson, Amy Ryan and Greg Kinnear.
I was surprised and glad i ended up seeing this movie.

Clash of the Titans (Charlie)

When i saw the trailer for this movie i got so pumped i almost attacked some guy on the street. I love Greek Mythology and a remake of a classic film. Add in Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. This should be the greatest movie ever made.

I hated this movie. I was hoping it would wash out the bad taste of Percy Jackson. I think it was the biggest let down since the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Ten minutes into the movie i realized they did no research into Greek Mythology. Hades goes up to Mount Olympus when ever he wants. This is just one example but i could go on for hours. You get nothing from the rest of the gods. Its Zeus and Hades and that's it. The original movie at least had all the politics of the gods.
The acting is boring and i think Ralph Fiennes phoned it in from the set of Harry Potter. The only person who stood out in the movie was Gemma Arterton who plays IO (Who is not even in the story of Perseus).
Also i hate when the main character of a story has the least amount of lines. Especially when they are suppose to become a great leader. He does have a Braveheart/Henry V speech towards the end of the movie which seems really out of the blue. I was waiting for one of the other soldiers to say "Oh Hey! I forgot you came along on this journey. You know if you stop being a little b**** and act like a demi-god maybe i would not have lost all my fellow soldiers. But thank you for your speech! The families of everyone we lost can hug your speech when we get home."
I would avoid this movie. There are a lot of other movies out there that have better plot, Characters, dialog, acting.... ok everything!

And I will say it again! The Greek Underworld is NOT Christianity's Hell!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Charlie)

I am slacking on my reviews.

I went to see this movie with a person who has read the whole Percy Jackson series. I recommend doing this. About three quarters into the movie i leaned over and said "We need to have a long talk when this movie is over." What i was told after the movie is that this movie is nothing like the books. They also seemed to think that the people that made this movie did not even read the books.

With that aside i thought this movie was terrible. I am a big fan of Greek Mythology and i was hoping they would do something creative with this story. Nope, this was just another attempt to find the next Harry Potter. If they plan on making the rest of the books into movies then i do plan to skip them.

This movie also had a huge cast. Sean Bean, Pierce Bronsnan, Brandon T. Jackson (the guy in love with Lance in Tropic Thunder), Steve Coogan, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Mckidd (my doppelganger), Joe Pantoliano (who is a really nice guy to work with), and Uma Thurman. None of them bring anything to the movie. Uma Thurman was painful to watch. She plays Medusa and the clay animated Medusa from the Original Clash of the Titans was more convincing.

I am told the books are really entertaining and clever. This movie was a waist of time.

And the Greek Underworld is not the same as Christianity's Hell. Hollywood gets this wrong all the time.