Monday, November 9, 2009

Transformers 2 Second Viewing (Charlie)

I watched it again because most people did not like this movie. I wanted to see if i liked it after watching it for a second time.... and i still do.

The first movie is a stronger film but i still like the action in the second better. It does not seem as close up. There are a couple times in the first one were i could not tell who was fighting. i do wish they had used Ironhide (my favorite) and Ratchet more in the second movie. Its only Optimus and Bumblebee who get any action scenes. The fight in the woods is awsome.

Megan Fox was not used well in this movie at all. I don't think she even needed to be in the movie. In the first movie she has that kick ass scene where she has Bumblebee hooked up to the back of the Tow Truck and drives into the fight. Great scene! None of that in this movie. Now that i think of it Josh Duhamel does not have any real action scenes either... huh.

I also noticed this time around a lot of penis jokes. This is something i could do without. I think i counted six jokes but i might have missed another 15. The comedy is where this movie fell the most for me. I did like the bit about the tight shirt... "We checked! There isnt one!"

So after a second viewing i dont think i liked it less but i did notice more faults to the movie

Paranormal Activity (Charlie)

To start I am going to say that I WILL be able to sleep with the lights off tonight but i did enjoy it.

This movie did what Blair Witch Project did but better. A lot of creepy stuff happens in this movie. If you do not like scary movies then i would avoid this one. All the actors are very normal looking people. There are no Scarlett Johanssons or... (who is an attractive man in entertainment today?)... Adam Wests in this movie. Most of it i don't think they were wearing any make up which added to the feel of it.

I think Hollywood should stop making slasher films (Friday the 13th/Halloween) or torture porn movies (Hostel, Saw or anything made by Lionsgate). This is the type of horror movie i like to see. Nothing is more scary then a Ghost. Like the movie Ghost. That movie scared the crap out of me.... maybe its too soon to make jokes about Patrick Swayze movies.

If you are one of the 10 people who have not seen Blair Witch Project i would go see Paranormal Activity instead.