Monday, April 26, 2010

Date Night (Brodie)

(Quick synopsis: A couple feeling their marriage was in a bit of a rut find more adventure than they bargained for when they try to spice up their date night.)
Let me preface THIS review by saying, I laugh when Tina Fey breathes; therefore, it should be no surprise that I loved this movie.  I was laughing consistently throughout.  I think Carell and Fey are great together.  This movie has the funniest car chase and the funniest strip club scene I've ever seen.  "Sex robots", "fart in a shoebox".... I love the randomness of their humor.  There were also some fun cameos I wasn't expecting.  I highly recommend this one.

Kick-Ass (Brodie)

First, I've gotta say that I thought this was a superhero movie meant for teens, so I was kind of horrified by the amount of violence, even moreso after I realized that it WAS a movie meant for teens--three of the four main characters were all under 18.  (I'll leave my Brodie Buzzkill diatribe about our society's ills for another blog.)

It was entertaining; definitely had me laughing.  In truth, none of the characters were all that likable, but that's not why we go see superhero movies.  The action was good--more of that over the top load-gun-clips-in-midair nonsense we've come to expect.  There was definitely one character who was unlike our action flick cliches, and I do appreciate certain elements of that.  However, that same character, the most bad ass of them all, whose life was constructed around revenge, was denied the formulaic climactic kill of the bad guy.  If you're gonna be a violent, vigilante movie, at least do it right.

So in summary, if you're prepped for violence and nothing too clever, you'll enjoy this movie.

Shutter Island (Brodie)

(I actually saw this movie on March 5, and just forgot to post about it until now... Oops.)
A psychological suspense thriller about a detective investigating the disappearance of a patient at a high-security mental institution.

I liked it.  It was engaging and suspenseful.  I thought it dragged in the way that it took a while to learn anything new, but I suppose that gets explained. I recommend it.